Thought out down to the last detail: The complex sill plates and the painted roof moldings for the second generation of the coupe.
Part orders for the new Mercedes CLS
The bar for the new coupe was high, which proves the claim of the car require quality to the last detail without compromises. The Trier Group produces three components for the new coupe.

The inner and outer sill plates for the coupe were awarded to Scherer and Trier because of the successful development of the E-Class Sill Plates. Scherer & Trier convinced Mercedes that they had the technical expertise to produce the Sill Plates which are composed of Stainless Steel and an injection molded backing – “a process our company founder Lothar Trier eveloped before his death,” remember Key Account Manager Thomas Ruff and Project Manager Frank Erhardt.

Their colleague Nina Witzgall is responsible for the project management of the painted antenna hood that is already being installed on the E-Class. In cooperation with a system supplier the component is produced with gas assist. The challenge is to eliminate the sink marks so they are not visible when painted. Scherer and Trier solved this problem through
part geometry. “The part was optimally designed for gas assist,” explained Witzgall. The newly developed water channel isn’t any less complex. “It is a roof molding with integrated
water management between windshield and roof,” comments Scherer & Trier Project Manager Uwe Hesslinger. The part is 2,122 mm long and 31 mm wide and is an extremely complicated co-extruded section that is stretch bent, painted and finished with clips. The part is extremely demanding from production aspect because of its geometry and functionality as well as the customers request for masking of the sealing lip prior to painting.

“For two years we have been working closely with our customers to develop and produce these parts,” says Thomas Ruff, Key Account Manager at Scherer & Trier. “The three omponents contain know-how from former developments in which we have decisive market
advantage.” The work generated by the people involved with the project can be seen with the
finest detail of the new coupe.


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