Components with an enormous vertical range of manufacture: For the roof
molding and the rocker panel various groups at Scherer & Trier worked very
closely together to complete the projects. Synergy effects of former programs
have contributed to the efficient processing.

Complex components for the new BMW 5 Series
The Trier Group received extensive orders for the BMW 5 Series Sedan that was launched in March. The Michelau team, thus being among the ‘top 100 suppliers’ of the OEM, produce the windscreen molding, the complex roof molding, and the rocker panel.

Up to now, the plastics specialists have mainly been bringing in their knowledge of unpainted parts from BMW. The team around Key Account Manager Reinhard Elsner celebrate a premiere for painted parts with the orders for the new BMW 5 Series Sedan. ‘The production of the roof molding alone is a little masterpiece,‘ sums up Project Manager Martin Sommer. ‘The part has an enormous vertical range of manufacture where we use all techniques from extrusion, 1K and 2K injection molding via stretch-bending to painting. All departments in the whole company are working hand in hand.’ The advantage: experience of former programs could be used for this special program. Also, the rocker panel demanded maximum performance from the professionals. ‘As the part is installed in the visible area we turned our special attention to a perfect surface appearance,’ explains Project Manager Armin Beuthner. For the first time the Trier Group used an innovative demolding concept for this.

Output and sequencing round off the service package: An injection molding machine with 2,700 tons of clamping force produces four rocker panels with one shot and reduces the cycle time per piece enormously which makes it possible to assemble up to 2,000 vehicles per day at maximum capacity. In Michelau the components are painted in a total of 13 colors and even special colors can be produced, as needed. The concentrated practical know-how and intelligent solutions for reducing weight and costs were the crucial factors for the customer when awarding the complete part volumes. According to the customer’s positive feedback, for part requirements and quantity, Scherer & Trier is now playing in the ‘national league’ of suppliers for BMW. A trendsetting success: The production of the roof moldings and rocker panels of the new 5 Series Touring started in June.


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