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Set up of USA plant
The first parts come off the production line

One recognizes it at a single glance, this is a Scherer & Trier plant. The Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier USA, Inc. subsidiary now shines in the colors of the parent company's corporate design. The premiere for production in Saline is already running!
The first parts will be delivered to DaimlerChrysler in June.
  Series production is slated to start in the fall. "In the meantime, all of the injection molds have already been broken in" reports Franz Ritzel, former department manager for prototyping at Scherer & Trier in Michelau and now responsible for production management in the new USA plant. Two freshly-built production lines are being put into service to provide the new Dodge Caliber with a complete roof system from Scherer & Trier USA.