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Energy award for Lackiertechnik Trier
Innovative projects aimed at reducing the use of energy and natural resources, harmful emissions, or at enhancing the recyclability of residual materials, have been fêted by the energy supplier E.ON Bayern as part of its national competition to sponsor energy saving ideas. The third prize of € 10,000 in the industrial category was awarded to Lackiertechnik Trier GmbH in Michelau.
The award honoured the hitherto unique concept of a painting plant developed by the subsidiary of the automotive supplier Kunstofftechnik Scherer & Trier GmbH & Co. KG. In comparison to established processes, the concept leads to significantly lower primary energy consumption, harmful emissions, as well as waste and effluent.
Conceived in two circuits, the installation of a multi-stage, networked heat recovery system for plant and building technology applications has virtually halved the required heating energy (steam output). The volatile organic compounds in the form of solvent-containing exhaust produced in the painting of products such as side protection bars and sill covers flows undergo thermic incineration and are burnt at 750 degrees. The exhaust air produced by the system and passed into the environment falls well below prevailing limit values for TA air figures. High-tech processes in the robot-aided painting plant reduce the paint sludge produced by up to 30 per cent in comparison with conventional solutions, and other waste is reduced by about half. Moreover, heat exchanger systems for the hall ventilation system as well as compressors have exploited further energy saving potential. The precise positioning of light surfaces in the roof has reduced the cost of illumination to a minimum.
  The subsidiary has taken on the major part of Scherer & Trier's painting activities which had previously been passed on to other suppliers. This expansion in its competency spectrum has been the company’s response to the rise in painting and multi-layer painting of its products and the high quality demands set by the automotive industry. The expansion of competence has thus been an active step in securing market position and the economic viability of the Michelau site. It has involved investment running to two-digit million sums and the creation of additional jobs. In the mid-term, jobs at Lackiertechnik Trier GmbH are set to rise from a current figure of almost 40 to approximately 90.
Employing a workforce of about 2000 employees at its sites in Michelau, Hirschaid near Bamberg as well as at its production plants in Mexico and Sweden, Scherer & Trier produces engineering sections and parts from thermoplastic materials. Its customers come from the automotive sector and cover all German and a host of international car manufacturers. Worldwide, over 60 different vehicle types incorporate parts supplied by Scherer & Trier.
As part of its energy sponsorship award programme with about € 270,000 in prize money, the regional energy supplier E.ON Bayern conferred awards on a total of 19 companies spanning the categories of industry (1), trade, services and agriculture (2), as well as scientific work (3). The award was conceived to mark the company’s launch a year ago.