Pick-up in a “wolf’s clothing”: The new VW Amarok is the compact allrounder amongst the off roaders. Its name is the Inuit word for “wolf”. The roof molding for the VW Amarok was brought to series production readiness in Michelau and is produced in Puebla for VW Argentina.
Roof molding for the VW Amarok
The cooperation between Germany and Mexico has been proven worthwhile in the Trier Group. With the production of the roof molding for the VW Amarok, manufactured in Argentina, the partnership is entering the next round.

In the Inuit language Amarok means “wolf” – an unbending free thinker who lives in the wilderness. His name is program. Annually about 80,000 vehicles are produced by VW Argentina for the South American market. Kunststoff-Technik Trier de México (KTM) received the order for ok production of the roof molding, a décor version. Before the SOP in July the program was brought to series production readiness at the German head office in close cooperation with the OEM in Hanover.

Challenges met
“The greatest challenge, when a program is to be handed over between two continents, is to recognize the special requirements of the foreign production site and to implement them correspondingly,” explains Scherer & Trier Project Manager Manuela Körner. “Only then the advantage of the production site will become a competitive advantage.” An important condition for the success of the program. However, when the customer wanted to have a bigger change and the production started for the short term in Michelau, the plastics specialists in Germany had to reschedule the capacity and materials management. “Thanks to the inter-divisional cooperation of our colleagues in Michelau we succeeded in concentrating our know-how to specific tasks and in working out a “Michelau capable” solution, until the production could be shifted to Mexico,” emphasizes Körner.

Growing expertise
The roof moldings are supplied from the Puebla plant to VW Argentina. KTM Managing Director Thomas Theuß emphasizes: “For the first time we could make a contribution to the cooperation with Michelau – straightaway a great success.” A novelty for KTM: The roof molding, a 1K part with adhesive tapes that are applied at the lower side and individually injected covers with turning knobs on the upper side, is produced with gas assist. “Thanks to the increasing special know-how KTM can offer more and more individual solutions,” Theuß is pleased about the expert opinion of his team. “The program started without problems, the customer was very satisfied. So we use the advantage of the production site in South America twice – for our customers on-site and for the whole Trier Group.” KTM is also extruding two sealing profiles for the Amarok.


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