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injection molded scuff plate
A great amount of specialized knowledge under one roof
Our wide range of specialized injection molding techniques permits us to produce molded parts in large quantities economically. We produce molded parts in one, two and three-component injection molding techniques, as hard/soft combinations, in in-mold and insert processes, by chemical foaming, in thin-wall or gas / water injection technology and by multi-daylight injection molding. Our injection molding machines achieve clamping forces of up to 2,700 tons.

We see great potential for the advanced development of the 2-component-high-gloss technique and back-injection molding as well as for the manufacture of large-area, paint-capable plastic parts in the future.

One specialty, which is rarely found on this scale anywhere else in the world, is the capability to injection-mold multiple plastic components onto a previously extruded profile. This produces design surfaces with additional functionalities that could not be achieved through injection molding alone.