aerial photograph Scherer & Trier Michelau
In the meantime, SMIA has evolved into an international group of companies. Despite this growth we have never discarded the thinking and behavior patterns of a traditional, family-owned company. Aside from the premise that we develop and manufacture products of the highest quality and reliability to meet customer requirements, there are also values like fairness, humaneness and social responsibility which play a special role for us.

As a complete source of profiles and molded parts made of thermoplastics, we are able to offer our customers a gapless array of services, from brainstorming through product and process development right up to fabrication and delivery with all its logistics processes. We preserve our independence as far as possible, with in-house materials development and our advanced tool and equipment construction capability. These capabilities give us a decisive competitive advantage. 

The company currently has over 1.700 employees around the world.

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