outer belt line molding made with a combination of seven different materials
Competence in plastics technology
In many areas of our everyday lives the trend is to replace expensive, heavy materials with high-quality plastic products - without relinquishing the characteristics of perceived value, stiffness and functionality.

Aside from lightweight construction, convenience, environmental compatibility and economy - in both manufacture as well as utilization - today's plastic parts are increasingly being required to meet function and design demands.

Thermoplastics can be tailor-made to meet just about any specified characteristic and shape - be with the help of an appropriate additive or as a hybrid component. Continuous advancements in surface technology provide a way to make plastics meet demands for design variation and individuality excellence. 

Our most important task lies in using its innovative, technological expertise to develop first-class solutions made of plastics that are suitable for practical life for automobile construction as well as for other branches of industry.