Precise lines, engineering innovation: the tank module fits perfectly
into the lines of the new Opel Astra. Its development led the plastics
experts in Michelau into new territory.
Complex parts package for the new Opel Astra
The presentation of the newest Opel family member at the International Automobile Exhibition IAA in September was made in an aura of excited anticipation. This was the opportunity to finally get a look at what the trade press had been reporting since summers begin. The Ruesselsheim auto manufacturer wants this new Opel Astra to set high standards in the compact class. Opel is relying on a first-class mixture of sporty elegance and technical innovation. This vehicle's details reveal that the new Astra has not only adopted the advantages of the Insignia model but also pushed them even further. Scherer & Trier used its know-how for the entire model series.

The delivery complement includes a high-gloss scuff plate with 3D appearance, a roof molding package with roof carrier insert, the A pillar, hood extension and a complex tank cover module that, at the time of order award, represented new technical territory for the company. "Every part challenged our developers to the highest precision, perfect fit and harmonious transition to adjacent parts. Particular attention was to be given optimal matching of the painted tank cover module to the chassis", recalls Nicole Schreck, Key Account Manager at Scherer & Trier.

New territory tank module
Customer requirements for elegance, sporty appearance and dynamics went into the smallest vehicle details. With respect to design, the distinctive lines with an abrupt bend in the cover proved to be especially challenging. "Adherence to tight component tolerances was one of the greatest challenges during development. It was necessary to ensure certain identical parts were interchangeable so they could be used in the tank modules of all the different vehicle models, e.g. three-door, five-door, station wagon or coupé", comments Scherer & Trier Project Manager Kai Will. The result fits in harmoniously and complements the sporty elegant design of this compact vehicle. Production and technology top off the program to form an optimal service package for the OEM.

Sustainable solutions for appearance and technology
In addition to the equipment order for the new Opel Astra, Scherer & Trier also received part orders for the coupé, the caravan and Opel models Zafira and Meriva. While development work for the parts was ongoing for over one and a half years, the SOP for the models was time offset. The advantage: perceptions and technical optimizations worked up together with the customer were able to be incorporated, step-by-step, into the production of subsequent models. "Innovative ideas require innovative partners whose demands are fulfilled by Scherer & Trier", explains Christian Zentner, Front End & Fuel Filler Modules Supervisor at Opel. The requirements were set high; the results are worth looking at. After winning the "Golden Steering Wheel", a popular German automobile award, even before the Astra went on the market, the developers at both companies are waiting eagerly if the new Opel Astra will overtake the sales lead position in the compact class.


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