Specifically developed, produced, and partly painted:
The optical highlights (pillar covers and the tank flap module)
were the biggest challenges.
Skoda Yeti: A "mountain legend" for off-road enthusiasts
At the Auto Mobil International exhibition in Leipzig, the Skoda Yeti had its premiere with the German public. The Czech cousin of the VW Tiguan is compact, appealing and powerful. It is scheduled to be on the market later this year. While that date is still a secret, series production began already for The Trier Group at the end of April. A total of seven parts for this fifth Skoda model series are produced by the plastics specialists.

The OEM specifications were very strict with respect to design and composition of the components manufactured by The Trier Group for the new Skoda SUV . This "mountain legend" is to set new standards for technology, off-road suitability, and consumption – ambitious goals that were to be pursued down to the smallest detail. Scherer & Trier developed and produced the roof molding, a small insert part, the tank flap module, the rocker panels, the A and D pillar cappings and the wind screen molding.

"Among the highlights for us in this order were the A and D pillars and the tank flap module", explains Project Manager Manuela Körner. Skoda agrees: "Fabrication of the A and D pillar parts from PMMA (a 2-K part) was particularly demanding. This required not only consideration for functional aspects but for optical aesthetics as well", summarizes Skoda Developer Jiri Vanoucek.

A special eye-catcher in both pillar cappings - and the biggest challenge for Körner's five-person team - are the noble high-gloss surfaces that match the vehicle's sporty-elegance design lines. The D pillar required the greatest production expertise because of its extremely large surface area. The A pillar, a two-component part, consisting of a PMMA carrier with gated soft lip, is fabricated in a single process step.
For the tank flap module the plastics specialists entered new territory: it consists of a 2-K pot and a lid painted in the vehicle's color. Matching the fourteen proprietary paint colors turned out to be a good trick that challenged the expertise at Lackiertechnik Trier to its limits.

Regular quality discussions, sometimes directly with the Skoda board, and a Scherer & Trier on-site resident representative contributed to the level of quality assurance. Skoda board member Reinhard Jung personally expressed his appreciation to The Trier Group for the rapid, competent implementation of corrective measures still necessary during the start-up of series production. The result is worth looking at – and Scherer & Trier is looking forward to the pursuit of other promising developments with Skoda.


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