14 and 16 parts respectively, 15 minds, 3 years of innovative development: Scherer & Trier expanded its know-how and deployed high end technology for the new E class.
Fully automated production for the new Mercedes E class
The start signal for The Trier Group came in January – the premiere took place in March: the new Mercedes E class resurrects the brilliance of its tradition with the presentation of an upper-class series refined to the smallest detail. The plastics specialists are producing a total of fourteen parts per vehicle for the limousine and sixteen for the station wagon that will debut this fall – all this in fully automated production.

The Trier Group is delivering a complete know-how package for the new E class. Four cover moldings each, interior and exterior, near the scuff plates as well as four supports are being produced for each vehicle. All parts are designed for quick assembly with adhesive strips, peel-off aids and positioning pins. The visual highlight: outer cover molding part surfaces have embossed lettering produced with a 3D technique and distinctive fins made of stainless steel strips which combine to produce an appearance indistinguishable from a solid stainless steel design.

Creating the production process was the real challenge for Scherer & Trier developers: the fully automatic insertion process with subsequent attachment of adhesive strips and sticks make it possible to attach the parts to over 1,000 vehicles per day. Because of the high-volume vehicle production, a fully automatic system was also implemented for the interior rails; this bonds the cover rails and clips to one another securely. The supports – 1-K parts with metal clips – are fully automated. This technology permits two vehicles per shot to be fitted. "The automation has given us a technological head-start that is promising for Scherer & Trier", concludes Key Account Manager Thomas Ruff.

The roof moldings are a real feat of production: The 3-K extruded profile with stainless steel core is a highly complex, stretch-bent component in which an S fold had to be fabricated. In production it is fitted with clips, flaps for the roof carrier, end caps, and a 2-K injection molded part. Here the painting is a true highlight. "We developed a technique with which the molding's surfaces could be painted in the vehicle's color without getting paint on the sealing lips", explains Project Manager Graduate Engineer Uwe Hesslinger. An innovative advantage The Trier Group can use to specifically expand its know-how.


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