New development: tank module - Innovation in a tight space
After only one and a half years of development time, Scherer & Trier is now ready to build the first production tool to manufacture tank modules for a renowned OEM … in a pioneering effort.

As simple as it may appear, its construction is quite complex. Tank modules must fulfill a myriad of specifications, including those just needed to adapt to various different dispensing nozzles. Over the past one and a half years two Scherer & Trier development teams have successfully pioneered new ground in the development of these tank modules.
Basically there are two options for a technical implementation. The tank cap consists either of a single part in which the cap and rotation arm are permanently connected to one another or the cap and rotation arm are mechanically connected by means of a clip. The pot is a two-component part made of a reinforced material and a cast-on soft region that serves as a seal for the part. The challenge lies in mastery of the sophisticated detent geometry that handles millimeter-exact seating. The tank module can be twisted in to detent then clipped to the chassis without requiring extra weld-on sheet metal pieces.
  Demanding all-round talent
„We had to acquire new know-how to adapt the part's geometric design ideally to the outer limits of the confined space requirements”, recollects Ralf Mueller, Head of Product Development at Scherer & Trier. „Adaptation of the tool was an iterative process of continuous adjustment and testing until we were able to create the assembly according to plan in order to precisely implement the customer's
requirements.” Great emphasis was placed on appearance and durability. The tank module's surface had to be completely smooth and observable, yet stable over changes of temperature and load. After successfully concluding the development and prototype phases, the teams are now prepared to build the first production tools. „The tank module led us to develop a new competence segment”, asserted Mueller with satisfaction. „This is a very promising investment in the future."


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