Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) District Chairman Dr. Jürgen Zürbig (3rd from the right) presented Dr. Hartmut Trier (2nd from right) with a certificate for his sponsorship of the Multi-Generational-House (MGH). Also pictured (from the left): Paediatric nurse Katrin Aumüller, Volker Heinel, Marketing Director at Scherer & Trier, BRK District General Manager Thomas Petrak and chief physician of the BRK district chapter, Dr. Roland May.
Dr. Hartmut Trier takes over the sponsorship of MGH
On August 18 the Multi-Generational House (MGH) opened its doors for the first time in the Red Cross building at Schneyer Strasse 19 in Michelau. Within the framework of a press conference, the Managing Director of the company Scherer & Trier, Dr. Hartmut Trier, was introduced as the project’s mentor.

The Multi-Generational House, sponsored and promoted by, amongst others, the OT’s ‘Helping is Fun’ campaign, is meant to be ‘a solution to the problem of the loss of extended families in our society. I am therefore especially pleased that we have managed to acquire as the mentor for this project, Dr. Hartmut Trier, a local entrepreneur and businessman who employs both young and old people alike in his company.’ It was with these words, and a certificate, that Bavarian Red Cross District Chairman, Dr. Jürgen Zürbig, thanked Dr. Trier for his taking on the role of mentor and adopting the project.

The MGH is to become an open meeting place for people of all ages, as BRK District General Manager, Thomas Petrak, emphasized: ‘With this house we want to promote the compatibility of family and occupation, in a way which spans the generations. But we also want to be able to support these people in times of ill-health.’ The facility, initiated in Michelau on the basis of a federal government action program, is open to residents from the whole district, and is set to be further expanded in the coming months.
  Alongside an additional annex with a hall, there will also be a playground built especially for the little ones.

Thanking his counterpart, Dr. Trier said, ‘Right now, in the time of the nuclear family, in the computer-era, and in the face of current demographic developments, I am very pleased that I may be able to accept the honorable assignment of becoming the mentor of the multi-generational house, and I am sure that this project will blossom and grow further from its small origins now’. He also gave his assurance of his ongoing energetic support in the future.

Official inauguration by Ursula von der Leyen

On September 1st everything was ready: Federal Minister of Family Affairs, Ursula von der Leyen, inaugurated the MGH in person in Michelau. At the specially organized street party numerous visitors celebrated with the many organizers and volunteer helpers well into the evening. The minister even insisted in joining in when the seniors’ and women’s gymnastics groups performed their specially studied dances at the event, getting some of the other spectators to get involved too along the way!


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