The team behind the flexible, job-aligned child care provision: The initiators of the flexible, work-orientated childcare provision: Barbara Wagner (Personnel officer at Scherer & Trier), Frank Gerstner (Director BRK-Multi-generational house), Volker Heinel (Marketing Director at Scherer & Trier) and Andrea Drexel, BRK representative responsible for the project and childcare worker.
A pilot project for the whole of Upper Franconia
On the initiative of the BRK-Multi-Generational House (MGH) in Michelau and of the Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier, the first region-wide business contiguous holiday supervision comes into being.

As the Red Cross explains in a statement to the press, by working alongside one of the region’s largest employers, an innovative concept for flexible childcare has been developed, in order to bridge any arising gaps in employees’ childcare over the summer months. The implementation of the pilot project for making career and family compatible was also attuned with the Upper Franconia administration. Under the title ‘Worlds of Experience’ (‘Erlebniswelten’), a rich and varied program will be on offer to the children of Scherer & Trier employees and their friends and acquaintances from August 4 until August 29, 2008. Project leader and experienced childcare worker Andrea Drexel aims to make possible for the children new worlds of experience outside of the traditional day care center or school setting. In a playful way, didactic areas will be addressed during the care program.

Excursions planned
Moreover, the children should be made aware that they can meaningfully spend their free time without the use of modern media. Precisely to this end, excursions such as a visit to a cultural institution or a day out in the woods are being planned, in order to place the education of movement and exercise at the center and focus of the care supervision.

Well-Established Care
Barbara Wagner, Personnel Officer for Scherer & Trier, is glad that the new project could make use of an experienced provider of services and a recognized charity in the Red Cross, and that the recommendations of the Bavarian Business Association (VBW) were thereby implemented. Especial value has been placed on functional and technical established care, according to Barbara Wagner. In the words of Marketing Director Volker Heinel, it is getting more and more important for larger firms to make some contribution towards reconciling the family and career of their employees.
  The need for this is also underlined by the fact that in the very first year of the project alone, more than 30 families have already signed up their children for the ‘Worlds of Experience’. Thanks to the management of Scherer & Trier it has been made possible to put a generous care provision at the parents’ disposal. The essential costs have been taken on by the Michelau-based company, as BRK District General Manager added. Florian Gerstner, the Director of the multi-generational house in Michelau, pointed out the resulting benefits for the parents.

Flexible Offer
Because the existence of extended families is becoming all the more rare, and because this results in there being ever fewer caregivers on which people can rely, flexible child care supervision such as that offered by the ‘Worlds of Experience’ program makes it possible to fill any gaps in childcare over the summer holidays. On top of this, offers such as this mean that holiday planning can be improved as well. The childcare schemes will this year be run in the former Lettenreuth kindergarten, which is being hired out by the Michelau municipality. As soon as the second phase of construction is complete, the childcare supervision – according to Florian Gerstner – will take place in the multi-generational house. Concluding, Thomas Petrak thanked all concerned parties and showed his appreciation that the multi-generational house had, in Scherer & Trier, a prestigious employer as their partner in cooperation at their disposal. Further joint care provision concepts to extend and expand family amicability and the reconciliation of family and career are currently in discussion.


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