Noble beauty, complex engineering, economical solution. Elegance meets technical excellence
Success story with tradition
The new Ford Kuga combines the virtues of a limousine with those of a compact SUV and the characteristic appearance of a coupé. Scherer & Trier continues the successful collaboration with the OEM. The spectrum of parts supplied to Ford has been increased significantly with the addition of six components delivered by the plastics specialist for the off-road Focus.

Under the strict specifications established by "Ford Kinetic Design", the Ford Kuga is a fast combination of driving dynamics, sports-car and elegance. Scherer & Trier delivers two roof ditch moldings, a mirror triangle, the lower front window frame and the water repeller with corresponding bracket strip. These parts complement the design line by virtue of their high-class impression.

Intelligent adaptation, costs saved
It was a particular challenge to attain the extremely low target prices. Special process techniques and a high degree of automation made this possible. Since both roof ditch moldings have the same shape and are merely a different length than already present in other models of the OEM's product line, Ford profited from additional cost advantages. Knowledge and experience also made a difference in producing the bracket strip. The concept already successfully employed in the Ford Galaxy, S-Max and Mondeo underwent an intelligent adaptation for the Ford Kuga. The bracket strip is economically bonded to the A pillar with special double-sided adhesive tape; the water repeller – here a single-component part – is then clipped to the bracket strip.
"The material must be longitudinally stable, form stable and resist weathering as well as exhibit high impact resistance at low winter temperatures", commented Horst Morgenroth, Project Manager for Ford at Scherer & Trier, in reference to the high requirements.
  In the mirror triangle, a two component part, there is an additional aluminum trim strip, a continuation of the trim strip which extends completely over vehicle's belt line. The knowledge already on hand paid off because, particularly in the production of two component parts, a high degree of process security is decisive for fulfilling customer requirements and avoiding rejects. The combination of design and function makes itself apparent in the form-fit, optically high-value transitions between the two material components. The special tool technology employed made a decisive contribution in this effort.

Success thanks to active exchange
Successful cooperation with Ford has now been going on for almost eight years. "Promising ideas, complex engineering concepts and economical solutions can only be implemented when an atmosphere of good teamwork exists with the customer", explains Andreas Kiesewetter, Key Account Manager at Scherer & Trier. With Task Leader Simon Nicholls, who was responsible for the implementation of ideas from Scherer & Trier, Wilhelm Heger, Supervisor Plastic Systems, and Mark Witschel, Body Exterior Manager, he had a team of competent members to give Ford the necessary support. Active exchange is the decisive success factor. In this spirit, Miguel Almazan served as "Resident Engineer" from Michelau at the customer's location. "A long-term cooperative effort with Ford is our express wish", explains Kiesewetter. He and his team are prepared to make every effort to perpetuate this good relationship.


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