Upper Franconia Innovation Prize 2008
Federal Minister for Trade and Industry Michael Glos presents Scherer & Trier with the Innovation Prize

Together with three other companies based in Upper Franconia, Scherer & Trier was presented with the coveted ‘Oberfranken Oscar’ for special innovation at celebrations held at the Congress House in Coburg. The prize, together with a check for 12,000 Euros, was sponsored by Greifenberger AG, Marktredwitz, was awarded for the fourth time this year. “Special innovation must not only be sponsored but must also be duly recognized,” Federal Minister Glos said in his speech after a jury found the BioChip-cartridge for laboratory diagnostics developed by the company Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier to be a groundbreaking innovation in medical technology.

Innovations allowing patients the possibility of quick recovery, saving medics time and health insurance companies money, are in demand more than ever.
  The decisive advantage of the BioChip-Cartridge is that within a few hours, the results of a blood test are available and an exact disease pattern can be determined. Up to 100 immune tests can be carried out simultaneously. Even where symptoms are not clear, the doctor is in a position to begin with targeted therapy on the same day. With its patented fluid conduit system, the BioChip-Cartridge represents a complete mini-laboratory requiring just half a milliliter of blood for all 100 tests. Depending on the chip, various disease complexes can be assessed.

The entire project will now move into the validation phase, pushed forward by various influential cooperating partners: The Fraunhofer Institute in Munich, Mikrogen GmbH in Neuried and the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene of the University of Regensburg.


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