In-house activity at the Michelau technical center: (from the right) Jürgen Stark (assembly), Markus Zirkelbach (engineering) and Frank Hess (electro-control) making final adjustments to the custom fabrication system built for MAN.
Where there's a will there's a way! New fabricating-system for MAN
Scherer & Trier recently began producing a drip molding in four different lengths for various truck types manufactured by its customer MAN. The particularly complex assembly of these parts has been made possible by a special system with six transverse-flow stations that sets new standards, technically, in floor-space utilization and qualitatively.

The fabricated drip molding appears simple enough at first glance. But the technical drawing reveals just how many processes are required to process the profile before it is ready to be attached to a truck. In the past such a part had to be repeatedly fixed in place as many as thirty times for each process-step and was passed through a long, sophisticated fabrication path. Our expert engineers came up with an innovative solution for MAN which optimizes the complex transport processes. This is the first time transverse-flow techniques have been employed at Scherer & Trier to build a fabricating system. This work-piece carrier is designed as a chain which moves the MAN profiles from station to station. In contrast to previous methods, the part is now only gripped once to pass through the entire fabrication process.
  The profile is moved without affecting its surface which therefore remains smooth. Production rejects are reduced to an absolute minimum. Since the profile needs only to be gripped once, it is possible to perform all fabrication steps with great precision.

A room full of technology
"The new fabrication system far surpasses the previous fabrication method with respect to speed and quality", commented project mechanic Jürgen Stark in reference to the new system's advantages. A technical leap forward created in about eight months of concentrated development work by the Scherer & Trier team at the Michelau technical center. The cooperation between Scherer & Trier and MAN dates back to 2001. In addition to this drip molding and three other extruded profiles, the Michelau plant also produces a decorative B-pillar cover with in-mold processing for the OEM. The new system was developed and put into service specifically to fabricate these drip moldings. It is an exciting example of how tricky problems can be overcome with know-how and innovative solutions.

Drip moldings for MAN: ready-to-mount parts that conceal their complex fabrication history to the casual glance.


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