For the rear spoiler Scherer & Trier acts as a system supplier
Transatlantic cooperation
Seven-part roof ditch molding system for the Dodge Caliber comes directly out of the Saline plant in the USA

According to the trade press, since June the Dodge Caliber is another competitor in Europe for the VW Golf. With provocative design, several clever feature details and an attractive price, DaimlerChrysler intends to sell between 180,000 and 200,000 of these vehicles per year. About ten percent of this number are to buyers outside of North America.
Engine displacements in the 1.8 to 2.4 liter range are a strong argument for the Caliber in the USA, where gas prices have also increased considerably. An international approach was even taken for some supplier parts. For example, a complete seven-piece exterior part system of large significance to the Caliber's outer appearance comes from Scherer & Trier. The vehicle's cover plates on its A and D pillars, its roof ditch moldings and its rear spoiler are built by Scherer & Trier, altogether with just under four kilograms of thermoplastic material. These visually appealing components were developed at the headquarters in Michelau but they are produced in the new American plant in Saline, Michigan. From our plant in Saline they are delivered directly to the production line of DaimlerChrysler's Belvedere plant.

System supplier
Project Leader Martin Mantel and his team are particularly proud of the rear spoiler on this Dodge model. Scherer & Trier is the system supplier of this large-area, injection-molded part with integrated brake light and rear window washer nozzle.
  The brake lights are supplied by Hella in Mexico, but the plastic component and corresponding tools were developed and built in Michelau. A close, transatlantic coordination was necessary to make all this work out properly.
Following a successful run @ rate, the production equipment from Germany was shipped to the USA and installed in the Scherer & Trier USA plant. "The smooth cooperation between project team, specialty departments and tool building with our colleagues in the USA was a key aspect of our success", recalls Martin Mantel. Local production in the USA has been running since January.
That fact that Scherer & Trier was awarded a contract for such a group of parts even though it has only been producing in the USA for about one year, is a credit of the good sales effort made by USA business manager Tom Kozyra. Past positive experiences that Mercedes Benz has had with its upper Franconia supplier took care of the rest. Key account manager Siegbert Polke is sure, "Our good reputation over the years as a partner to DaimlerChrysler in Germany was certainly a considerable advantage for us in this case!"
Just half a year after SOP, the production startup in Saline is definitely a success – other projects, even with other OEMs, are now in the implementation phase.


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