Perfectly set in the scene: technical finesse for convincing appearance
High-quality interior and exterior solutions for Porsche
It is innovative cooperation in best tradition; Scherer & Trier develops high-quality applications for Porsche interiors. The OEM's principle with respect to design and optics has always been to employ real materials. The Stuttgarter's specifications called for the use of more components with a metal surface, even in the interior, to serve as an "eye catcher" that is complementary to the ideal line of Porsche design. This is a demanding task that Michelau designers repeatedly answer with innovative form solutions implemented with composite materials. Here the challenge for a first-class design specification, particularly applicable to sport car models, is that the weight of individual components must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Noble appearance, minimal weight, extremely functional
A particularly high-quality exterior application for the Porsche Carrera / Carrera S made its "first impression" in May of 2003 – following a two-year development phase. It is a scuff plate with an in-mold aluminum emblem. Based on this technical innovation, additional emblems were then developed for Porsche models Boxter / Boxter S, Carrera 4, Carrera 4S and Turbo. In order to develop this application, engineers at Scherer & Trier had to produce a composite part made of two components.
  The scuff plate is produced in an injection molding process and the prominent emblem that is bonded to the plate in a second work step. The attention during the process development was focused on the emblem. This component, so appealing to the touch, distinguishes itself with its 3D appearance – an effect that gives rise to the presumption of a costly stamping process. The peculiarity in the fabrication of this component lies in the in-mold technology, with which the aluminum as the real carrier material is stabilized by the injected plastic. The trick to this; the lettering of the emblem is formed by the injection pressure.

Good and attractive: futuristic innovations
In addition to scuff plates with in-mold aluminum emblems, S&T developers have recently brought a new process for in-mold stainless-steel production to maturity. Parts fabricated with this new process will be premiered in the Porsche Cayman S. S&T employees pioneered a new approach to the production process because the in-mold processing of stainless steel parts had never been researched before.


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