Ellen Lohr in front of her rally car
Scherer & Trier supports the Mercedes team in the Dakar rally 
On the morning of December 31st 2005 Ellen Lohr and her navigator Detlef Ruf started the Dakar rally from Lisbon, Portugal; a race that was to end 9000 kilometers later in the Senegal capital on January 15, 2006. The Lohr/Ruf duo entered the race with a rally prototype based on the new Mercedes-Benz M class.
Team support consisted of a number of Mercedes-Benz service and escort vehicles that included Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier. "Mercedes-Benz is a prized partner to whom we supply high-quality thermoplastic and hybrid components – this includes the current M class model. It was only natural that we would commit our support to the Mercedes team for such a spectacular race" so the comment about this decision from the responsible official of this northern Bavarian auto components supplier.
  "As a new team, the primary goal for our first Dakar rally is to at least make it to the goal-line while gathering as much experience as possible", stated Ellen Lohr. "We made professional preparations to accomplish this, above all with respect to strong service support from Mercedes-Benz. But there are good reasons why the Dakar rally is known as the toughest in the world – generally fewer than half of the participants even reach the goal-line."
Balbir Singh, former physiotherapist for Michael Schumacher, also felt the excitement of pleasant anticipation. After ten years of Formula 1 racing he was now part of the Mercedes-Benz team on the trip through the desert.


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