The antenna hoods - a new product made by Scherer & Trier. This picture shows the painted variant.
Shark fin antenna for Volvo
In Michelau, Scherer & Trier’s plastic technology now manufactures antenna hoods for Volvo's new S40 sedan and the V50 station wagon.

One or two uninformed people have asked themselves "What is that shark fin on the roof of the car?" Only very few people know that this design element contains a whole package of television and telephone aerials and electronics for receiving digital radio or for GPS navigation systems.
Delphi / Fuba, which is headquartered in Bad Salzdetfurth, is a specialist responsible for electronic modules in the project "antenna hoods" for the electronics inside the "shark fins" and is a system supplier to Volvo having its own concept. From Bad Salzdetfurth, the parts manufactured by us are delivered directly along with the electronic modules to the Volvo plant in Ghent, Belgium.
The new parts in our product range are 1 k molded parts that are made of ASA plus PC / ABS plus PC and manufactured using the GID (gas internal pressure) process. Scherer & Trier offers both a grained design (V50) and an painted hood variant (S40) with the painting work carried out on-site in Michelau at LTT (Lackiertechnik Trier). The electronic module requested by the final customer is clamped into the hood by Volvo and then mounted onto the vehicle.

A race against time
New plant: The construction work in Saline, Michigan is being completed very swiftly.
"From nought to a hundred" was the catchphrase of this project in Michelau:
The parts were to be delivered within a very short period. There was only a short interval of 38 weeks between the signing of the contract and the SOP. For that reason, it was a special challenge for Scherer & Trier's project team to ensure that the parts were supplied to the customer Delphi / Fuba with almost no starting curve at all. Using mold-flow analyses, an attempt was made to keep time-consuming tool optimisation loops as negligible as possible.
  The project team under the management of Volker Strassner (Assistance: Kristin Basel, Technical Field Service: Michael Skazel, Design Engineer: Peter Wittmann, Manufacture: Martin Wagner, Quality: Uwe Leiacker) and the internal departments, coped comfortably with the task in cooperation with the Delphi / Fuba team responsible. The intensive teamwork among the two teams was a substantial factor contributing to the success of this project for their joint customer Volvo.
According to its own company-internal analyses, Scherer & Trier willingly accepted the challenge of enhancing the product because, in the future, body side moldings and roof ditch moldings will be dropped from new Volvo models for technical design-related reasons.

Open to innovation
For a new project of this kind, Scherer & Trier has the right attitude: "Scherer & Trier is open to new technologies and is also willing to invest in new processes so as to satisfy customer requirements", according to Lennart Johansson, who is a Supplier Technical Assistant for Ford and Volvo at Scherer & Trier and who has had several years of experience in the business. He believes the innovation capability of the Franconia-based Trier Corporate Group is comparable with that of its rivals.

Within the project "antenna hoods" for the S40 / V50, Scherer & Trier is a "2nd tier supplier". Otherwise, Scherer & Trier acts as a system supplier for Volvo. A special feature of the cooperation is that, as one of the first OEMs, Volvo integrates the supplier into the development process on-site at an early stage in order to make optimum use of existing know-how.
By stating "the cooperation between Scherer & Trier and Volvo has run very smoothly up to now", Lennart Johansson draws a line up to present-day projects demonstrating a relationship which is an excellent partnership.


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