Ford confers Q1 Award on Scherer & Trier
Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier GmbH & Co KG has been awarded the “Q1” for outstanding service, the most coveted supplier award conferrable by the Ford Motor Company. It is the American car producer’s way of rewarding the high quality standards set by the company based in Michelau as regards quality assurance, technology, delivery reliability and organization.

It has been achieved thanks to the extraordinary effort put in by the entire Ford team and the associated departments at Scherer & Trier: the blue Q1 flag is now to be seen flying in front of the Michelau plant. The “Q1 Preferred Quality Award” was officially conferred on Scherer & Trier in April. The accompanying awarding ceremony took place in July.The “Q1” quality system launched by the Ford Motor Company is conferred on those suppliers who have distinguished themselves by providing consistent high quality and a high level of customer satisfaction and who comply, at the same time, comply to the highest degree with the requirements of quality, productivity and service .
  It is one of the most prestigious awards covering quality assurance systems for suppliers in the international automobile industry.
“The “Q1” is for us not only recognition of what we have achieved, but far more the basis for a continued close collaboration on future projects,” emphasized Andreas Kiesewetter, Project Manager for Ford at Scherer & Trier, commenting on the importance of the award.

Having worked in partnership with Ford for many years it is now necessary to retain the position of “Preferred Supplier” and to do our utmost to supply first-class products and services at the national and international level in the future too.

P.S.: Our plant in Mexico recently received the Q-1 Award, too! The celebrations are due to take place shortly in Puebla.

At top from left to right: Martin Trier (S&T General Management), Edward Brock (Ford Purchasing/STA Commodity Manager),
Arnold Preis (Ford STA Engineer), Gerhard Buchmaier (S&T Technical Manager), Ralf Löwe (S&T Resident Engineer in Cologne),
Robert Popp (S&T Quality Manager), Rüdiger Pohl (S&T Production Project Team)
At bottom from left to right:
Siegbert Polke (S&T Regional Sales Manager), Tom Storm (STA Program Engineer), Uwe Leiacker (S&T Quality Project Team),
Horst Morgenroth (S&T Production Project Team), Andreas Kiesewetter (S&T Project Manager),
Günter Jünke (STA Commodity Engineer), Kerstin Steinmetz (S&T Project Management Assistant)


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