Pictured from left to right:
Thomas W. Kozyra is President of Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier USA, Inc., founded in March.
Jan Dahlhofer is responsible for office management.
Jeffrey A. Bancroft will handle sales tasks, primarily in support of FORD USA accounts.

New Scherer & Trier subsidiary in USA
Scherer & Trier founded new subsidiary in Saline, Michigan

The groundbreaking ceremony is history, the cornerstone is in place; construction for the new subsidiary, Kunststoff-Technik Scherer & Trier USA, Inc., based in Saline, Michigan started at the beginning of June! Scherer & Trier will ramp up production there by the end of 2005 to provide customers, such as Detroit's "Big Three" – GM, Ford and Chrysler – with local product deliveries.

Thomas W. Kozyra, the Scherer & Trier USA, Inc. President is happy about the rapid progress of this major project, "We look forward to servicing our current and future customers out of facilities directly in their own backyard.
This makes us even more attractive, with respect to our competitors, for contract awards related to new models produced by the American Big Three." Initially this new subsidiary will be producing parts for a new DaimlerChrysler vehicle to be assembled in Belvedere, Illinois beginning January 2006. The contract is a huge success "largely due to the efforts of a sales team headed by Tom Kozyra and their exemplary cooperation with DaimlerChrysler", proclaims the parent company's Executive Director Lothar Trier proudly. This breakthrough with DaimlerChrysler was the decisive rational for the new plant.
  Lothar Trier ranks this investment among other company milestones, "The new plant is an important building block in our company's business plan - in the future we want to increase our penetration of non-European markets. Kunststoff-Technik Scandinavia AB and Trier de México were our forerunners in this endeavor and remain important pillars.
Our plant in Saline will now be able to offer our American customers more service and flexibility for certain components."

The production hall offers 2300 m2 of floor space, more than enough for five production islands. Company management is planning for the delivery and installation of the first of two injection molding machines from Austria by the middle of January 2005. The first contract will require two identical injection molding machines with 1300 t of clamping force.
Thirty employees are planned for the plant's initial operation. The objective is to achieve a high usage rate on plant equipment – additional production contracts are currently being negotiated with FORD and DaimlerChrysler.


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