Top-notch products for the new Opel Astra
Glistening stainless steel on outer belt line moldings? Already 30 % of customers are ordering the new Astra with the high-level- options produced by Scherer & Trier – and the trend continues to increase. In addition, the newly developed roof ditch moldings, body side moldings and scuff plates are proving to be top-notch technologically developed products from the Trier Company Group.

The Scherer & Trier Regional Sales Manager responsible for Opel, Siegbert Polke, is rightly proud of his team. "In order to meet the price and quality standards set by Opel we had to - as so often is the case - carve out completely new paths of conceptual design and process engineering. The time factor presented an additional challenge as the processing of these parts had to be defined within a very short span of time. In view of the restrictions with which we had to contend with, it is all-the-more astounding that our products turned out to be so creative and technically superior in design compared to our competition; this was particularly true for the belt line molding and the roof ditch molding", mused Polke.

The peculiarities of these products lie often in the details that an amateur only recognizes with a second look. Siegbert Polke explained why:
"By applying a special extrusion technique we were able to give the standard 'black plastic' roof ditch molding such a high surface quality that it can hardly be distinguished from a painted part." Even the seam between the roof carrier molding and the roof carrier flap is extremely small, "Whether plain black or painted by us in the car's color, the customer hardly notices the roof carrier cover
at all."
  The body side moldings also harbor a technological novelty that is invisible to end customers. "By applying a special, patented process to the adhesive strip it was possible to reduce the width of the strip enough to pass on the resulting cost advantage to Opel" explained Polke.

The standard model outer belt line molding stands out in comparison to similar products offered by the competition. This is because of its appealing surface and its homogeneous end areas. By using a combination of extrusion and injection molding the separation line is no longer visible. The stainless steel variation gives the Opel Astra an extra touch. Over 30 % of purchasers do not wish to miss out on this glossy package.
Price, quality and design – those are the aspects that are decisive for the purchaser; and the aspects that speak for the Astra. The developments made at Scherer & Trier certainly were contributing factors in getting the Opel Astra off to such a successful start.

Project Manager Nicole Schreck praised the good cooperation with the customer, "In realizing technically demanding products, the excellent cooperation between respective specialty departments in Adam Opel AG and those in our company – even in critical phases – cannot be overstated.
We perceive the results of our work as a common success and already look forward to the new projects that are pending."



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