Modular plastic/metal composites - Scuff plates of the new Audi A3
More driving pleasure, innovative technology, elegant design; the new Audi A3 went on the market at the beginning of May - a sporty model that combines utility and residual value in one chassis. Scherer & Trier contributed its know-how to the new Audi A3 by developing exterior parts, such as roof drip molding, door paneling, and protective trim moldings. Some of the A3's high quality interior parts, such as swell covers, rear panel molding, the A pillar cover and the scuff plates also came out of the main plant in Michelau.

Audi exploits the substitution of metal with thermoplastic polymer materials to reduce weight and cost. The noble appearance had to be maintained right down to the detail - a wish that Scherer & Trier met with honors for the specially developed scuff plates. Audi values innovation here too. The scuff plate concept was implemented by Scherer & Trier in modular form. This served to meet Audi's high design standard and further reduce weight because, besides a thin metal strip, plastics play a big role here. This is accomplished in a complex fabricating process that bonds a light plastic molding to a thin metal strip.
  This technique allowed the metal strip to be refined in elegant aluminum that is embossed with a 3D relief of the Audi name to decorate its surface. One feels welcomed even in the act of getting into one's A3 and it sets the right mood for the attractive interior appointments of this new vehicle.
These newly developed scuff plates represent a weight savings of approximately 50 percent - without any loss in quality or function whatsoever. To the contrary, the manner in which the emblems have been integrated (a Scherer & Trier patented process) into the visible surface exhibit an extremely high surface stability! This sets this product far apart from the previously employed metal products and yet offers a surface that is elegant in appearance and smooth to the touch.
Scherer & Trier is currently developing other design-oriented solutions for interior and exterior areas because the potential for producing high quality, economical vehicles with modular plastic/metal composites is not anywhere near being exhausted.


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