Complex IMD components for the Golf 7
For 20 years Scherer & Trier has been developing its skills with the In-Mold-Decoration process (IMD). With the interior components for the Golf 7 the plastics specialists are proving their skills again. Several decor parts for the bestseller of the car manufacturer from Wolfburg are produced at the headquarters of the company.

Since its market launch in fall 2012, the Golf 7 was awarded amongst others “World Car of the Year 2013”. The manufacturer advertises with the slogan “The Car”. A distinct requirement for the highest performance that applies to the smallest component. Accordingly, the bar was set high for Scherer & Trier when VW ordered three (two-door car) respectively five (four-door car) interior parts in spring 2011. Now, door decor parts in three lengths, amongst others in an illuminated version, and an instrumental panel decor part in four versions are produced for the Golf 7 in Michelau.

Technological lead due to experience

The IMD process combines injection molding and hot-stamping in one procedural step. Here a film applied with a decor paint is pressed to the wall of the cavity by the injection molding material after the closing of the mold. The paint layer of the hot-stamping film merges with the plastics part due to the temperature. After the cooling the backing film can be detached from the part now having a paint layer.

Currently seven different decors for the Golf 7 are produced in Michelau. The range goes from “Black Lead Grey” to “New Brush Design”, each giving the interior of the car another impression. The optical specialty of the Golf 7 are ornamental strips made of chrome being applied by a galvanic treatment of the plastics part – they are on the rear door decor parts of the fourdoor car and on the IP decor parts in the Ambiente version.

Since the VW Golf is equipped with IMD parts, these parts are produced by the company Scherer & Trier: currently about 500,000 cars per year are equipped with the door decor parts and IP decor parts from Michelau.



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